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It can be difficult when a loved one passes away. As the executor of their will, there’s a lot you have to try to keep track of. You want to make sure that the wishes of your departed one are respected, that any financial concerns are taken care of, and that the estate is divided fairly. An estate appraisal will often be needed for these reasons—so consider reaching out to us. At Bridgeport Appraisal, we’re ready to provide outstanding estate appraising services to clients throughout Covington, WA and the Puget Sound region.


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A date of death appraisal will be needed when someone passes away in order to determine if any taxes are owed on an estate. This is a type of retroactive appraisal that will determine the value of a loved one’s estate on the date of their death. Our estate appraisers have extensive experience handling these types of appraisals and can make sure that you get a thorough appraisal that will meet all of the legal requirements.

Getting estate appraising is important for the estate settlement process—so let us assist you. Reach out today and learn more.