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Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can be an expensive addition to your monthly mortgage payments. Thankfully, it’s not permanent, and can be removed once your home has a certain amount of equity. Get a PMI insurance removal appraisal from a professional near Covington, WA, by reaching out to Bridgeport Appraisal.


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If you pay less than 20% of a home’s overall price as a down payment, then you may end up needing to buy PMI. PMI is designed to protect a lender should a homeowner default on a loan, but it can be a costly expense. However, you’ll no longer be required to pay PMI insurance once you’ve satisfied certain requirements, such as equity maturation. Removing PMI can help you lower your mortgage payments by as much as 10% a month, so it’s important to get a Private Mortgage Insurance removal appraisal to find out if you’ve reached that point.

At Bridgeport Appraisal, we’re prepared to provide our clients with thorough appraisal services. We adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and can provide appraisal reports within just 48 hours. If you need a PMI removal appraisal in the Puget Sound region, then reach out to us today.